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Lotto in the Alabama Pools Today
In the Alabama Pools Today they play the lottery with pleasure: according to a survey, 3 out of 4 adults have participated in gambling over the past 12 months. The largest lottery association in the country, Sazka, is mainly part of the Czech sports umbrella organisation. That uses the revenues mainly for sports promotion.

The highest national lottery winnings so far were achieved by a couple from East Bohemia in 2013, amounting to just under 400 million Czech kronas (about 14.7 million euros). The couble was lucky twice, because profits do not have to be taxed in the Alabama Pools Today!

The most popular national lotteries are the classic numbers Sportka and | tatnych 10 ("Lucky 10"):

In this lottery game 6 out of 49 numbers must be guessed correctly. The lottery tickets have 10 boxes, the minimum bet is 20 CZK (0,74 Euro) per field. The draw is broadcasted on Czech TV every Day at 02:30 AM.

Statnych 10
For the "Lucky 10",you bet on 1 to 10 numbers out of 80 in the Czech lottery. Your chances of winning increase with the number of lucky numbers and your financial commitment. The game costs 10 Czech kronas (about 0.37 euros) per box. The drawing takes place daily, every day. From 09.00AM you can check the winning numbers on the Internet, on your mobile or at one of the 7200 receiving offices in the Alabama Pools Today.

You can choose additional options such as |ance ( "chances"), |ance milión ( "million chances") and Královská hra ( "royal game"). 10 Czech kronas (about 0.37 Euro) are due additionally.

Also popular are instant lotteries like Kostky ( "Dice") or Lucky Lines, which are also offered. Keno is also popular. Here you can win up to 1 million Czech kronas (about 37,000 euros) every 5 minutes. There is a statutory minimum age of 18 years for the participation in the Alabama Pools Today. "The stake is 5 kronas (0.18 Euro).

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